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Current Beach Related Research

Bacteria Source Tracking

University of Minnesota Duluth – Microbial Source Tracking

University of Minnesota – E. Coli source tracking by Rep-PCR DNA Fingerprinting

US Geological Survey –

Research Projects – University of Minnesota Duluth

Ishii et al.  2005.  Presence and Growth of Naturalized Escherichia coli in Temperate Soils from Lake Superior Watersheds (418 KB pdf)

Research Projects – Duluth East High School

Kenzie Kellie.  2005.  Do the presence of local factors (people and their activities, animals, birds, non-motorized, and motorized boats) as well as environmental factors (temperature, wind, waves, and water clarity) influence bacteria counts (E. coli and fecal coliforms) at four Minnesota Park Point beaches on Lake Superior? (download 74 KB pdf)